Friday, April 16, 2010

question answered

So when someone leaves a comment on my blog with a question…I try to answer it. But in the rare case that it’s not one of my friends, I often can’t answer it directly because I don’t have the email.

For those of you who don’t have your email linked to your blog or your blogger profile…I can’t answer questions to you directly when you post them in my comments other than responding this way. I’m not aware of a ‘respond’ option in this free version of blogger…are you?

And this got me thinking that I don’t have a link to my email here either…hmmmmmm…I’ve fixed that under my profile picture --->

Anyway…last week I was asked if the photos on this page are my own veggies…or a farmer’s market run? Well, the answer is…neither!


We belong to a produce delivery service called Farm Fresh to You. If you are local you, too, can sign up to have yummy fresh from the farm organic produce delivered to your house. Go here to see what I mean: FFTY.

You can even go check out the farm on the second Saturday of the month…that is on our wish list to do as a family.

If you enter in the code 6164 you can get $5 off your first delivery too.

It’s so worth it!

And that brings me to a question…are you a journaling stalker? I never type in my full journaling to the blog because I don’t really think anyone cares much…but maybe you do?

Would you like me to type in the journaling so you can stalk me even further. Ha! I kid…

But I’m completely serious…if there is an interest in my journaling I will happily include it in my layout posts. Just comment here and let me know!

Happy Friday…this is the weekend for my first ever 5k…wish me luck!


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  1. Where's the 5k? Good Luck!

    You should sign up to do the Bay to Breaker with me in May!