Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a week in MY life…day 1

So I shared a bit of my process yesterday…now I’ll share my progress…

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So in my planning of this project, I decided I wanted to start on Sunday (Ali is starting on Monday) because I wanted to include our first 5k race.

So thoughts on the start date…who cares when you want to start? If you are curious about the project and you want to watch it unfold here and on other blogs, do that. Then you can plan your own week and choose a typical week in YOUR life. Christine shared with me that she really wants to do it, but her daughter’s birthday is this week so she really didn’t want it to be a week about her daughter, but a more typical week in their life. I think that’s great! Isn’t it really all about YOU and your family? There are no rules, liberating isn’t it.

Here’s another liberating idea…I’m already ‘screwing up’ this whole thing. HA HA!


Seriously, though. I’ve forgotten to take some pictures of things I wanted to. The time has past. We already went to Costco and I forgot my camera. So what? I can either (a) re-create by running over there and snapping a pic or (b) journal about it instead or (c) use my receipt. I haven’t fully decided what to do and that is okay. Once I start assembling, I’ll make that decision and then move on. Liberating.

What I’ve learned about the process thus far:

There are a lot of daily bits of life that get lost in my regular scrapbooking. Things that I want to remember but don’t usually photograph or scrapbook. This is why Project Life and Week in the Life projects are so cool. 1 year, 5 years, 10 years down the road I want to see our everyday life along with the big things or personality pages that I usually scrapbook and document.

With that being said…here’s a glimpse into our week, day 1


How about you? What did your Sunday look like?



  1. looking good! hope the race was a success :) i had to bust out my iphone at the grocery store because i didn't have my camera with me... i probably looked like a crazy person taking a photo of my cart, but it works - haha!

  2. and the other plus to starting a week late: I get to see how everyone else is doing it first :) BTW, I love your little photo strip on here. Very cute!

  3. So glad to see another "week in the lifer" :o) Great job so far!