Thursday, May 20, 2010

wherefore art thou?

Ah…has anyone seen my creative mojo? It’s missing in action, my friends.

I’m actually okay with it…just riding the tide, because I know it’ll come back to me soon.

But with it, my blog has been a bit neglected as well. Sorry about that.

I think I have a few ideas of why it’s hiding right now…

* It’s the end of school…May is a crazy, crazy month, no? The activities ramp up, as do the projects and help that the teacher’s need. Forget trying to do cute, end of the year gifts. Luckily I made them cute wall hangings for teacher appreciation so for the end of the year I found some adorable handbags from my favorite store…on sale…bonus!

* I have a bit of a new obsession…my running. Seriously. I never, ever thought I’d be a runner. In fact, I swore up and down I wouldn’t be last year. Here we are one year later and some days all I can think about is my next run. Um, who am I?

I’m trying to be smart and follow training programs to avoid a common beginners mistake of running too much.


I invested in a foam roller to help my muscles prepare and recover from runs. (p.s. if you are  a runner and haven’t used a foam roller yet…oh my goodness…you MUST. I actually want to give the inventor a huge kiss on the mouth…that’s how much I like how it makes my muscles feel)

I am on a high from my longest run ever this morning…4.7 miles with the jogging stroller! I actually wanted to do 5, but S man was being so good and we were right near the park and closing in on Kinder pick up time so I acquiesced to him and gave him 20 minutes park time as a reward for being such a good running partner. He told me later that ‘the run was fun, mom’. :)

So I guess you could say my creative mojo might be tied up in my brain by my thoughts on running. We’ve got another 5k coming up and I know I’ll have a new personal record…I’m so excited!

But here is something that might bring my mojo back…

maykitThe May kit from Green Tangerines!

It will be her last kit until the store re-opens since she is going to concentrate on getting the store up and running again.

I just love the colors in this kit and the buttons are so stinking cute!

Hopefully I can find some inspiration here to pull together a layout soon!

Until then…I’m off to Open House at the boys’ school…there’s another end of year task to cross of the list. I actually love going, even though I’m at school all the time, it’s fun to see all the displays and have the boys show me things that they are proud of.

Have a great weekend if I don’t pop in here before then…I’m hoping to preview the course for our 5k…


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