Tuesday, August 3, 2010

i’m just a girl


my Nike skirt…my first one…

So I’m the first to admit that I’m a total girl.

I love skirts and dresses. I love fun shoes. I like pink and frilly…but not too frilly!

So when I started running, I kept hearing about running skirts and thought…those are so me.

But then I tried one on…and at first I decided that my legs were not running skirt worthy. So I’d hold off.

A few months later with a birthday gift card in hand, I happened to find this adorable one on sale at Nordstrom. (I couldn’t find the exact skirt, so the link above is just to a basic running skirt…this one is probably long gone at this point…it may even be a tennis skirt to be honest, they are very similar).

I already had the yellow tank, courtesy of hubby’s mother’s day gift, and I knew they would look darn cute together…so I went for it.

Then I tried it on and went for a run…I felt so girly and I loved it!

I was sold.

The only problem with this one above is that the shorts underneath started to ride up a bit, so I knew that wasn’t practical for a run longer than 3-4 miles.

Enter Lucy.

073110lucyskirt(  bad picture with my iphone, sorry)

I have several friends who swear by Lucy athletic gear. With my hubby working in sporting goods, I tend not to buy gear other than where I can get it cheaper than our discount…or if it’s stuff he doesn’t carry. His store’s selection in skirts is pretty much nil (tennis skirts seem to not have drawstrings…um, hello, skirt slipping during a run? not so fun)

Anyway…I popped in there after my last 10k with my bib (for 20% off…nice!)

Now, this is the place I had first tried on a running skirt and deemed my legs not ready. With a bit of a summer tan and a little bit of leaning (a lot further to go), I decided I could get away with it and I came home with the Propel Skirt.

I tried it on my next run…the verdict? LOVE

Not only did I feel super girly and cute…but it is really practical too. Compression shorts underneath give me the coverage my butt needs. Drawstring gives me the security I was looking for. A larger pocket on one leg fits my iPhone with a little button hole so I can string my earphone cords through them. It’s snug to the leg so it’s not bouncing around at all…love that!

The other leg has what I’m guessing might be a ball pocket if you were playing tennis? It’s upside down and until last weekend I really didn’t know what to do with it. On my long run I tried putting a packet of Hammer gel inside and it stayed put the whole time. Cool.

And the girly part of me loves the little girly accents…the skirt itself has little slits on the side to reveal little ruffles at the base of the shorts. Too cute!

I’m so buying more of these! I saw on the website that it comes in the black and the navy…might have to make a trip down there in the near future.

What about you? What makes you feel girly on a run?


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