Monday, November 29, 2010

enabling for free…

I think I have my Christmas cards figured out…woot woot! I just need to do a little tweaking and printing and then assemble. SIMPLE. SIMPLE. SIMPLE. Yay me!

And I just found these…(via this blog—Celeste always shares the best free printables!)

(click on the picture or here)

and this one…my favorite…

(again, click on the picture to get to the download)

And I think she has a third one on the way. She does the CUTEST set of three frames in her dining room…see here…for the holidays. I just discovered her blog and you can be sure I’ll be wasting some free time there soon.

I’m thinking I  might not do the large 8x10 but rather take a three holed 4x6 frame and set them on the entry way table. Hmmmm…we’ll see…


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  1. I just picked my prints up from these! I have the perfect wall for them :-).