Sunday, September 6, 2009

the faith of a child...

Still on my stitching share...but this one has special meaning. This little middle guy...has such a great faith in God. He LOVES church. He LOVES singing Christian songs. He LOVES learning the stories. When he came home last fall with this comment, I about died of happiness. You can read the whole story in the last detail picture below.

Anyway...I'm sharing this one because you don't always have to be perfect when stitching. At least not in my book. Sometimes I get messy. And sometimes I avoid straight lines at all costs! I thought it would be fun to to wacky, curvy lines around this photo block. And I love how it all turned out!

Everything here is from the March Kit again...what a good kit it is. See...more custom kraft circle goodness!

Doesn't that story just melt your heart? Oh gosh, I love that kid!

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