Sunday, August 23, 2009

the music...

So a big shout out to my pal Tanya. She reminded me that I hadn't added any tunes to my blog. I'm a big music a playlist was always on my mind to add, but I hadn't gotten around to it.

After her reminder, I put a quick one up and I'll add to it as I can. The website I use is sometimes limited in what I can not all of my current faves can be on there...but it will suffice for now.

Another blog that I love to follow for inspiration is Liz Kartchner's. She always has fun music playing and I've picked up a lot of new favorites from her as well as cool scrap inspiration...stop by and say hi! Oh, and isn't she just the coolest dresser? I love her eclectic, stylish way of putting things together!!

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