Monday, August 3, 2009

tearing it up…

Remember when I talked a bit about my ‘tear out sessions’? Well, I just had one the other day and thought I’d share it with you…

My new issue of Scrapbooks, Etc came. {On a side note, I only subscribe to two scrap mags now…Creating Keepsakes and SBE…loved Simple, but they are gone and I let my Memory Makers sub run out a long time ago when I wasn’t tearing many ideas out of them anymore…}

So, as I described before, I sat down with last month’s issue and perused it one last time. I take note of pages I have marked and decide whether they still strike me or not.

tearout01If they do…then…I tear them out!

I found only two layouts in the July issue that spoke to me. Some months it’s a lot, and some months it’s not…and that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t inspired by other things. It just means that only the ones that I want to remember verbatim get torn out. Believe me, I store lots of fun ideas in my head…

tearout02  So now I that I have them torn out, I trim them up and paste them into my sketch/inspiration journal.


I take notes if there is something specific I liked about the layout. Like this one…I love the half circle borders along the top and bottom and how she used graph paper as the background. {layout by Sande Krieger, Scrapbooks, etc July 2009)


Then I usually sketch it using the grid paper as my guide. I used to use a regular composition book for my inspiration journal. Then I came across this one in Staples and loved that I could use grid paper to sketch to scale!


I used to decorate the outside of my journals…but I don’t have time for that now. So it’s plain…at least it’s green. I’m saving my creative mojo for scrapping since crafty time is scarce in this house!

Now, with both Scrapbooks, Etc and Creating Keepsakes, they have started to include sketches of certain layouts each month. If you’re lucky, one of the layouts you loved will be a sketch. You could easily just trim that sketch up and paste it along side the inspiration layout.


For me, personally, I like to take the action of drawing it out myself. Since I use the grids (one square represents one inch for me) I can easily determine what size pictures I would need, etc. I’m visual that way.


And viola! I now have a sketch, a sample and some notes jotted down. When I’m sitting down to plan pages the next time I can flip to this idea and easily use it as a jumping off point. I’ll share with you another time where I go from here…

Thanks for stopping by, happy scrapping!


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