Thursday, January 14, 2010

oooh…new stuff…

Several times a year you’ll find that the scrapbook manufacturers release new lines…and right now there are some yummy things coming out in time for the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) conference. I wish I could be there to see these things in person.

Does anyone else love the feel of the paper in their hands? That’s one reason I don’t think I ever move beyond being a hybrid scrapbooker when it comes to digital stuff!

Anyway…here’s some of my favorites from the sneak peeks of Cosmo Cricket’s new lines:


Loving the dots in this Garden Variety Line. It also has super cute veggies and gardening stuff.

And how stinking adorable are these letters?! I love, love, love tiny little letters to add to my titles, subtitles and journaling. Sigh.


But when I saw this line…they had me…again. It’s a boy mama thing.


There are some super cute dots in this line as well. Oh! It’s called Joy Ride! So perfect!


They have another line releasing called Material Girl as well…Julie, Eric and Lindsay never quit with the cuteness I tell ya! {I laughed as I re-read that line…it sounds like I actually KNOW them. I do not. I feel like I do because their blog is so funny and personal. But they are not in my personal group of friends, sadly. I think I would like them though…}

And speaking of being a boy mama. Anytime you can add fun cars and trucks in a super cute way…you are certain to have me as a consumer of your product! And Jillibean likes to use lots of Kraft paper…sigh…cuteness! Oh! And don’t forget the super cute larger dots. Yum.


It’s called New England Chowder. I just love how Jillibean Soup names all their lines after…soup. Anything to do with BOYS always ranks high on my list! Click around on their blog and you’ll see a few more of their new releases.

Can’t wait to hear that this stuff is on the shelves at Green Tangerines!

What have you been seeing around the web that is catching your eye?


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