Sunday, January 17, 2010

today i’m thankful for…

…my healthy family…


In the last few days we’ve had lots of opportunities to pray for families who are struggling in different ways.

This morning I’m single momming it until Daddy gets home from a guys’ weekend…and while I’m irritated at silly little things being stuck inside on this wet day with a dog and three high energy boys…I’m being reminded left and right to be THANKFUL.

If you are the praying kind and you like to pray for strangers…

…pray for my friend’s husband who is facing a yucky turn in his battle against a brain tumor. They have two young boys.

….pray for another friend with three young children whose hubby is off supporting the relief efforts in Haiti.

…pray for some friends of ours whose 5 year old daughter has been monitored all weekend due to a skull fracture and bleeding after a freak accident fall on Friday.

And while we all have icky stuff in our lives that should be lifted to God in prayer, these three families are weighing heavily on my heart today.

I’m off to hug my boys and pray for safe return down the hill from Tahoe for my hubby and his crazy friends!



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