Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Holy cow…how cool is the date today?

I was hoping to do a really cool post at 2:10 on 2.10.2010. Um…it’s almost 4. Yikes…guess that didn’t happen.

Just another crazy day in my life…here’s the ten things I accomplished today on 2.10.2010…

1. I ran/walked (emphasis in now more on running than walking) on the treadmill today…almost 3 miles. I’m training for a 5k in April. I found a really cool app for my iPhone (well, my mom found it) called Couch to 5K. It has a training schedule all set out for you along with verbal cues as to when to run, when to walk etc. It slowly builds up your run time so at the end of 9 weeks you are running a full 5k without stopping.  I really like someone in my ear telling me when to run and when to walk…keeps me motivated! I haven’t fallen in love with running, but I’m excited to see my endurance building. I can see the light at the end of that 5k tunnel…I’m on week 4!

2. I stopped by Beverly’s today. With Green Tangerines closing, I’m sure I’ll spend more time there. They used to carry more ‘nichy’ scrap stuff that Michael’s and JoAnn’s doesn’t have. And I used to see tons of Making Memories stuff…but today…nothing. So sad. I was hoping to pick up their Valentine’s line to work on some gifty things for my sons’ teachers…but they didn’t have it. Sigh. Once again, I’m so sad about GT! Maybe Beverly’s will step it up once again since they’ll be the only gig in town.

3. I picked up my Kindergartner…only 5 minutes late…due to my mental break in the aisle at Beverly’s (see above). Seriously.

4. A trip to Costco with 2/3 of my brood. Always fun…especially when they are remodeling the store and still insist on having sample carts at the end of all aisles…along with all the construction and moving around of stuff. I know this store like the back of my hand, but they have been moving stuff all over. So frustrating.

5. A quick trip to the park with the same 2/3. We took advantage of the 20 minutes we had before school got out for the 2nd grader. It’s been a while with all the wet weather. I just love watching them enjoy the park!

6. Picked up said second grader on time. I love his teachers. Life isn’t always easy for him and therefore the rest of us…but they have been amazing. Lately it’s more about good reports rather than struggling. So grateful for that!

7. Finished up a few fleece blankets for Binky Patrol. Seriously this is so easy. And they are part of the Give a Day, Get a Day at Disney program…

8. Working on Valentines to send to the grandparents. Yep, nothing like last minute. I randomly came up with a fun idea yesterday…I’ll share in the next couple of days. Again, I wish I had some new Valentine’s lines to work with…but they are still super cute!

9. Working on Valentine’s gifts for the teachers. I’ll share these too…super quick and easy. I used something I had on hand for quite a while. I’m sometimes a hoarder of supplies. Much more fun to actually use it for something cute than to look at it sitting in a drawer!

10. Finished up Valentine’s with the kiddies…sorry about the dark pictures…don’t have time to adjust right now and I just took them as the sunlight is kind of fading…

IMG_0004 They turned out cute, huh?

First…make some chocolate lollipops. I use the Wilton melting candies and a lollipop mold that I find in the cake decorating section of JoAnn’s or Michael’s. Don’t forget to pick up lollipop sticks, ribbon and treat bags. The kids help stir and push buttons on the microwave.


Next, pull out red, pink and white scraps. I used a 3” scallop punch by Marvy.  IMG_0002

I had the kids write their names on a white paper with a thick black pen. I scanned it into Photoshop. Crop around the name and then pull up a picture from a recent trip to the snow. Drag the name on top of the picture. Use the magic eraser tool to erase the white background. Then use the paint bucket tool to re-color the letters to white. I’m sure there is an easier way to do that, but that’s how I figured it out this week (again, last minute…).

After I printed them, I punched them into circles and the boys assembled them. They also punched a solid color scallop for the back and wrote their classmate’s names on it.IMG_0003 

Hope you had a fun and productive 2.10.2010…

Ours isn’t quite over…we’re off to t-ball practice for Tyler. And that means that Jacob and Sam get more park time!

See you tomorrow with more Valentine’s ideas!


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