Thursday, May 27, 2010

in a rut…part two…

My lack of creativity lately has me in a reflective mood.


Then I went back and read a few of my recent posts…uh, repeat much? Gosh, the last two were nearly identical, save for my book recommendation (which, by the way, did you notice that the authors commented on that post? After reading the book, I feel like Dimity and Sarah are my friends and now they are commenting on my blog…I was so excited!)

So back to my reflections…

When I started this blog nearly 11 months ago, I intended it to be a place to share my scrapbooking and creative stuff…and not much more. It evolved into sharing a bit more about me and the fam but I try to stick to creative endeavors and results. Then this running thing hit by brain. Now I think about it a lot. So when I sit down to blog, if I don’t have something specific to share, my thoughts drift to whatever is on my brain that day. Um…lately that is running.

But I really don’t want this to become a running blog. I don’t feel ‘experienced’ enough for that. I’m fine with sharing my thoughts as I train and become a new runner, but other than that, I don’t have much to add. And really, scrapbooking is my first love in the hobby department.

All that to say that in my over sharing, I’m afraid some of you who come here to be inspired by my creative stuff are bored with my tales of the trails. So…this is what I’ve come up with:

* I’m going to blog about running on Wednesdays. I decided to start keeping a journal where I can reflect on my training stuff. I’ll share any enlightening thoughts once a week. If something terribly exciting comes up, I’ll add it to another post…but I’ll try to keep my running to Wednesdays. That way you creative types can skip those posts…or read them to get motivated for your own fitness journey.

* The rest of the week I’ll try to keep it to scrap related stuff.

I reserve the right to change it up if I get bored…but for now I think that puts my blog and my brain back in the mind frame I had intended it to be in originally…and where I’d like it to stay for now.

And the picture above? I just threw it in…because a blog post without a picture is boring.

This is the last Thursday in May…it is POURING rain with thunderstorms right now. My boys thought it would be fun to run outside shirtless right as the storm started…they ran in and put their shirts on almost immediately…Hello? Where is Spring? Isn’t summer supposed to be on the horizon? Bizarre? My boys need the sun…they are looking very non-Californian right now. :)

Thankfully, this storm is on it’s way out and it’s supposed to be gorgeous this weekend. Perfect for my 4 miler tomorrow AND for my 2nd 5k on Monday! Woot Woot!



  1. I actually like hearing about your running, it intrigues me . . . not that I will EVER become a runner! I can't believe how tall Jacob is! Wow! He is going to be a teenager before you know it!

  2. I like hearing about your running endeavors and family. I also enjoy reading about the rut that you're in -- after all, it is part of daily life, isn't it? I enjoy your creative work but also love reading about your life.

  3. Hey, I'm running the Buzz Oats No Excuses race on Memorial Day. Are you running the race in Roseville?

    Good luck. I'll be thinking of you as it hit the pavement on Monday. :)