Wednesday, June 30, 2010

running wednesday…the gear

So with any new hobby, there is always gear to get.

With running it’s pretty simple. Rule #1: Good shoes.

After that, pretty much all the extra gear is about making yourself comfortable.

So I’m a shoe girl. But with running it’s not about the cute colors or style. It’s all about the fit. If you’re new to running get out to a running store or a store that has employees that are more than accessories taking home a paycheck.  (CA, AZ, UT, and NV peeps go check out Sport Chalet…yes, they do put food in my kids’ mouths, but they are very well trained and knowledgeable and I would shop there even if hubby didn’t work for them).

I happen to be an Asics fan, but really you should go in and talk to someone, have them  look at your feet, your old tennies and talk to you. A good shoe can make or break you in this sport.

Rule #2 (according to me)…inserts. Orthotics are plastic inserts that replace the insert that comes with your shoe. They cradle your foot in the right position so you don’t pronate or supinate. If you have major foot issues, you can even have a podiatrist prescribe custom orthotics. But from what I’ve read, over the counter/store bought brands will solve most of your issues. In my case I got plantar fasciitis pretty bad after my pregnancy with #3. Orthotics saved me (along with stretching and only wearing good supportive shoes). I am a fan of Super Feet.

And the rest is gravy. Well, like I said, the rest is all about comfort.

You know that I’m a recent newcomer to the sport…but these are my favorite pieces of gear right now:


Kristen Finish (3)

My Nike Running Capris. These were my first ‘official’ running purchase. I love them. They are light and I hardly notice them at all. They have a zipper pocket just below the waistband in the back where I can put a car key or even my iPhone. I save them for my long runs or races. I really need to buy another pair so I can wear them more than once a week.
skullcandyMy Skull Candy Chops Ear Phones. I recently got these as a birthday present (thanks mom and dad) and I love them! They hook over my ears so my ear buds are not constantly falling out. They are super comfortable and I don’t even realize they are there.

Nike tanks. I got this yellow one for Mother’s Day (not only does Sport Chalet feed my children but it also means I get fitness gear as gifts from my hubby…). I love Nike tanks. I have this particular one in pink as well as an older style in turquoise and white and similar styles in blue and coral. Yes, I like them. I also like the capris that go with them and if I’m not wearing my running capris, I’m wearing those. Recently I found a Nike skirt that went so well with this top…it’s so cute together. I’ve been obsessed with running/active skirts since I got into running (ask my friends, they are tired of hearing me talk about them). I loved the I think more running skirts might be in my future.amphipod
My Amphipod Waist Pack. Now I must say, I’ve only used this a few times on long runs. But I was really happy with it. It kept 20 oz of water easily available and has a little pouch that I kept my keys and some Sport Beans in. I also have a Nathan water bottle holder that I can hold in my hand. I didn’t like the feeling of having the bottle in one hand and not the other…I felt almost lopsided. But it worked for me until I found the waist pack. I know other runners who don’t like to have the pack on. Who knows how this opinion will evolve for me the longer I run. For now I’m a waist pack fan.

I think that’s it for now…I’ve already talked about my Nike+ and Shoe pouch as well as my longing for a Garmin. :)

I’m running my first 10k this weekend. It was a last minute decision. I have an 8 miler on tap for my training schedule so I figured why not run the 10k and then tack on that extra 1.8 miles to make it more fun. I’ll tell you how I did next week. Based on my last long run (7 miles) I’m hoping to run it under a 11’30’’ pace. My last 5k was just a bit over 11’00” miles…so I figure I’m being realistic…double the distance without slowing down too much. Wish me luck!

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  1. I just ran for the first time today after like 2 months (due to my stupid injuries)...definitely can tell, but was super glad to be running!