Friday, December 17, 2010

keep calm and…

…decorate your house?

I’ve been quite calm about the onset of Christmas here in my home. Seriously, it’s taking me weeks to get things up. And I love the look after it’s done, not sure why I’m dragging it out so long.

I finally put up those adorable signs I talked about previously.


I bought cheap frames/mats from Wal Mart (hello, $5) and put them up. This previously was the home of a large canvas family photo. Not sure what it will hold after the holidays. I’m also thinking it’s time to update the little table…a bit dated, no? That’s okay, dated is my decorating theme apparently. LOL


After I took the picture I realized that I am missing the other set of stars…got to go look for those. And also after the picture, my boys were light sabering and the wise man on the end got the brunt of it…four pieces and some super glue later he’s no worse for the wear if you don’t look closely. Dang it! I LOVE my Willow Tree Nativity scene and haven’t had it up in a few years because of said three boys. I thought maybe we were safe this year. Oh well.

Ack! I just found that link to the figures and remembered that I didn’t get out the angel either! Sheesh! I have to go hunt those two pieces down.

What is your favorite piece of decor during the holidays?


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  1. That looks so good! I'm sorry that I had to laugh about the light saber! Is that what I have to look forward to with a boy? I have the same nativity set and it is my favorite!