Saturday, April 17, 2010

this weekend…

So you probably won’t hear from me until Monday or Tuesday…I’m taking a little bloggy break and don’t have blog posts built up this week.

{Side note: I often pre-write blog posts and schedule them to appear through out the week. I don’t blog every day. In fact, it’s probably only a few days a week and I just bust out a few posts at a time}

horizontal I’m super excited about my first ever 5k. I know, you’re sick of hearing it. But really…I never thought I would ever be able to build up to run 3 miles in a row. Wow. When I started ‘training’ for this a few months ago, I could barely run 5 minutes at a jogging pace before I wanted to walk. Now, I’m confident in that I can meet my goal of running all three miles…no stopping, no walking. And I think I can do it under 35 minutes.

Hopefully I can check in via text blogging and let you know if I did it!

Last thought…who’s IN for documenting your week next week? Check out Ali’s blog for all her pre-planning and fun downloads. I’m not as pre-planned. I’ve thought a tiny bit about it. I have just a few goals this year:

*Document our life from Sunday to Saturday (she’s starting on Monday but I wanted to include our big race so I’m starting it Sunday)

*Do not buy anything new. I have several divided protectors in my stash and PLENTY of scraps and bits of stuff to do this. I’m not doing 4 pages a day and putting it in it’s own album like Ali is. I will include it in my regular 2010 album as part of our year.

*Document a few bits of life each day. I’m feeling out the process this year so I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t get it all. I do need to start a list tonight or tomorrow about things I don’t want to miss.

I’ll share more about my process and actual pics from the week starting Monday or Tuesday…

Happy Weekend!



  1. Good luck on your race. I am so proud of you! A 5K is on my bucket list :-).

  2. you've had me thinking about the Week in the Life w/ Ali all weekend...I may have to do this too! But I'm waiting until May. Olivia's birthday is on Weds & her party is on Sat so I don't want it to be a week about her :)