Monday, April 19, 2010

a week in MY life

Go check out the details of this project at Ali’s Blog…here is my version of it. {Oh, and if you’re feeling lucky, she’s doing a huge giveaway today.}

I decided late in the game that I would do this. I’ve been interested in doing this in the past, but have never jumped it. Once again, I hemmed and hawed this year and finally decided that I wouldn’t let it pass me by again. So here I am. Late to the party.

And I have decided…that is OKAY!

So I made some goals for myself in this post.

In keeping with my goal of not buying anything, I dug out my divided protectors that I had on hand and after thinking on it a few days and reading Ali’s post (linked above) I think I’m going with my baseball card sleeves.


I picked mine up at Wal Mart. It was hard to find them back when I was looking for them for another project…but in my store they were up front near the cash registers near all the Pokemon cards and stuff like that. The whole pack was like $5 or $6.

Because of the nature of these sleeves, I’m going to have to keep most of my pictures vertical. I can do a horizontal photo if I want to turn the page sideways or if I split it into two vertical photos. I’m sure this will bug me at some time in the process, but I’m calling it good for this go around!

I’m not going to limit myself to a set number of pages or photos per day. I’ll just fill them in as they come and then deal with it.

I reserve the right to change my mind.


I also went through my stash of journaling cards, stickers and such and found some bits and pieces that will work with the baseball card sleeves perfectly.


These journaling cards from various lines of October Afternoon are in my stash…they will most likely be my main form of journaling throughout the week. Just because they fit nearly perfectly and they are darn cute!!


I also went through my stickers and pulled out some that had days of the week themes or ones that went with what was going on this week.


Lastly, I pulled out a journal I had just sitting on my shelf. First I listed our week and events that are happening then I made a list of everyday things I wanted to capture. I even asked hubby and he eagerly added some fun things to the list.

Well, eager may be a bit over the top. He first questioned what the heck I was getting myself into. When I explained that I was documenting a week in our everyday life to look back on one year, five years, ten years from now…he started rattling off a whole bunch of everyday things that he doesn’t want to forget. My hubby…he can be a big old grizzly some times but it’s times like this that I love him the most. He can put on that scary bear front, but inside he’s just a teddy bear…kind of. :)


Lastly I found this transparency…leftover from a GT kit at some point…and it’s perfect. Well, it’s not the right size and orientation, but I’m going to work with it. I love that it can become some part of the first page of my week.

And so I’m off…are you joining in, too?


p.s. I have a few thoughts about my race and running and such…but I’m going to save it for next week. This week is all about the week in MY life project…


  1. I didn't buy anything either. Oh, wait ... I bought an album (8.5 x 11) because I don't have any that size! Anyway, the rest of the stuff I'm using is from my stash (plus the fun goodies my friend sent me the other day).

    I love Ali's journaling cards and decided not to buy them this time. So what did I do instead? Make them myself! Yep, I made them myself in Photoshop.

  2. Hey, Kristen. Will you be posting your daily photos and journaling here?