Wednesday, May 26, 2010

in a rut

I’ll start by apologizing…if you come here for scrapping inspiration, I don’t have it today. Ugh. The creative mojo is seriously lacking around here…even with a box of goodies calling my name, I can’t get it together to print some pictures and play.

What do you do when your mojo is on vacation?

I know it’s the busyness of life right now that has pushed me into this rut. And I’m all about riding it out. I’ve been here before, I know it will come back.

But it’s still a bit annoying.

There’s hope though…school is almost out. Then again, that means my maniacs are around more which means better planning on my part to get my creative time in.

Then there is my new obsession with pounding the pavement. To make matters ‘worse’ hubby came home with new kicks for me last night. Ran 4 miles with them this morning. Sigh. I never, ever thought running would make me feel like this. Nor did I ever think I would consider myself a ‘runner’. It’s crazy to me that I feel myself moving in that direction!

We’re running our second 5k this weekend. Can’t wait to smoke my time from last month. Seriously…I’m hoping to knock off at least 2 1/2 minutes.


Are you a runner or thinking about it? I’d highly recommend the book: Run Like a Mother by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea.

Experienced runners will enjoy ‘seeing’ themselves throughout the book. New runners will learn so much about their new obsession. Wanna-be runners will be motivated to get out there and run. I actually bought the Kindle version and read it on my iPhone…have you checked out the kindle app by amazon? So cool! But…the book was so good that I think I might buy the paper version to hold in my hands and re-read…it was that interesting to me.

Anyone have any good running book recommendations? I’m looking for another one to read…

I’ll check in later this week…maybe my creative juices will be ready to flow once more?



  1. Kristen--
    Glad you love our book so much--we LOVE that you are thinking of buying a paper copy as well! Good luck with your 5K this weekend.

  2. I am a wanna-be runner. Maybe I should read this book to get inspired :)