Friday, November 5, 2010

october by the numbers

I guess since it’s actually November 5th, I owe you an October by the numbers…


So I hesitate to even put this in the mix. You know that I was taking a break due to my knee issues. But I did run a 5k at the beginning of the month. AND…I ran .5 miles at my last PT appointment (October 21). Since I got the all clear from PT AND that .5 miles produced no pain…I hopped on the treadmill the next day and did a run/walk (2 minutes/3 minutes) for an hour…3 miles later I was feeling sore…but not pain. Good sign. But I had promised myself to stay off of it for the full month of October. So I waited until October 30th for my next test. (I know, I have a hard time sticking to self imposed rest).  Another run/walk hour and another 3 miles later. A good stretch, a session with my foam roller and an ice pack for good measure. Guess what? No pain. Yipppee! Long story to say… nearly 10 miles for October!

Race: 1 5k 

Longest Run: 3.1

Physical Therapy Appointments: 4 and I was cleared…


Layouts Completed: 2 (I had 3 planned…one is still sitting there…completed layouts here and here)

Layouts in progress: 1…with some in my head…there are some things out there right now


World Series Games: 1 (yes, I’m still high from the experience)

and lots and lots of days with my boys. The hubs has been traveling a lot for work this past month…and the holidays are approaching, which mean longer hours for him. We just buckle in and enjoy the ride as best we can.

Pounds lost: 2…but I haven’t measured myself this month yet. I was doing really well with my eating and then Halloween came along. I have no willpower when it comes to sugar. I must get the rest of it out of my house!!


Here’s to November…cooler weather, more runs, less sugar and time with family.


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